Practice Areas

Appellate Advocacy

Many lawsuits do not end after the trial is over. The losing party will often appeal the decision. Sometimes both parties appeal different aspects of the decision.

However, appellate litigation requires different skills and techniques than trial advocacy. The audience is not a jury, but a panel of experienced judges. Thorough research, a broader perspective, and clear, well-reasoned writing is paramount.

Kevin Benson is an experienced appellate practitioner who has personally handled numerous appeals before the Nevada Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Many of these were appeals of high-profile or complex cases, or cases that raised substantial questions of law that have never been addressed by the courts before. For example, Mr. Benson successfully defended Nevada's unique "None of the above" voting option against various legal challenges.

Even if you won at trial, the appeal can still make or break your case. We provide experienced advocacy at this critical time.

Administrative Law & Licensing

Benson Law represents individuals, businesses, and public agencies. Kevin Benson has more than ten years' experience working with many different administrative law issues, including: administrative hearings, professional and occupational licensing, regulations and rulemaking, open meeting law, and public records requests.

Civil Litigation

We respresent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation, in all state and federal courts in Nevada, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whether a business dispute, real estate problem, or other matter, we relentlessly advocate for you.

Election Law & Campaign Finance

We can help in all areas of election law: campaign finance, voting rights litigation, candidate qualifications and challenges, and initiative petitions.

Prior to entering private practice, Kevin represented Nevada's Secretary of State, who is the state's chief elections officer. In this role, Kevin developed unique experience in all types of elections matters.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lawsuits are expensive. Alternative Dispute Resolution means using mediation, arbitration, or some other means of settling a dispute without the expense of litigation.

We can help parties resolve their disputes by acting as an arbitrator or as a neutral third-party to mediate settlement discussions.

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